Our Agenda

There has been some murmuring from various quarters, seeking to draw our integrity into question, and speculating as to what agenda this site may have. For the record, our agenda is simple; truth and justice. Truth as to what really happened to Anni Dewani (nee Hindocha), and full justice for the perpetrators of the crime. We demand that the NPA prosecute Monde Mbolombo to the full extent of the law and we demand that Zola Tongo and Mziwamadoda Qwabe’s Section 105A plea deals be revisited and rescinded based on their perjury in the criminal trials of Shrien Dewani and Xolile Mngeni.
A common refrain when discussing and evaluating the evidence in this case seems to be “we have only heard the versions of Tongo and his accomplices and so only have one side of the story. Although there were many lies and inconsistencies in their testimony we haven’t heard Dewani explain himself and the truth may lie somewhere in the middle”.
Whilst we appreciate the sentiment, we cannot agree with this statement. Dewani’s involvement in the crime is binary. He either ordered the murder of his wife, or he did not. There is no middle ground.
We initially wanted to avoid debating Dewani’s involvement as we assumed that the evidence in his trial and the judge’s conclusions spoke for themselves and we hoped that public sentiment would have shifted toward demanding the Mbolombo, Tongo and Qwabe face proper justice since their lies were exposed. Whilst our focus is achieving justice for Anni, our mandate to find the truth cannot ignore Dewani. He is inextricably linked to the situation because three South African criminals alleged that he was the instigator.
If Dewani ordered the murder, but every one of the South African criminals bungled their testimony whilst honestly trying to relate a truthful story, then Dewani’s acquittal was a miscarriage of justice.

If Dewani did not order the murder, and the South African criminals were simply unable to tell a truthful story, then the miscarriage of justice consists of those criminals obtaining lenient sentences (immunity in the case of Mr Mbolombo) as a reward for their lies.

It is our view, and the learned judge’s view that the evidence presented at Shrien Dewani’s trial showed that the hitman story had been fabricated to incriminate him.

Our ultimate mission to achieve true justice for Anni is therefore intertwined with a mandate to demonstrate beyond any doubt that Dewani was innocent of all involvement.

We have collated all the most common claims made with regard to this case with the aim of drawing together the pre-trial misconceptions, the media reporting of the case, the social discussion, and the conclusions from the trial itself into a digestible format. Although we have categorised a number of points as remaining unknown, and there may be other ancillary issues to discuss, we believe that there is sufficient detail in the proven category to demonstrate the actual truth in this matter.

We welcome all feedback and we are open to re-catagorising and making changes to our content based on substantiation and evidence.


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